Chief trash man Steve Harvey is sexing up Family Feud, and viewers aren't into it. The show, which has been on air on and off since 1976 (and recently announced a special celebrity edition) once had a reputation for good, clean, family-friendly fun, but recent survey questions have resulted in some NSFW answers. Ratings are up, but viewers aren't happy, the New York Daily News reports.

Two recent answers in particular have sparked controversy. One, posted by Family Feud's official YouTube channel on Sept. 18, shows a contestant answering the question: "What's the last thing you stuck your finger in?" He thinks for a minute, then answers, "My wife, Steve," earning cheers from the audience and a double high-five from his wife, who's standing next to him. In another, posted Sept. 28, Harvey asks the aggressively awkward Larry, "What's the first part of your mate that you touch to get her in the mood?" Larry replies, "Her lower front...her vagina." (Ironically, his answer isn't even on the board.) 

But although these answers draw screams from the studio audience, the show's remote viewers are less enthusiastic. One comment on the finger video reads, "I think this is one of those questions that the writers of this show were obviously begging for a dirty answer. Come on now, seriously?" and one left on the "lower front" clip says, "First it was the 'My wife' guy, now it's this dude. Goddamn." Commenters also used a People article about "my wife" man to voice their grievances: 

Stopped watching a long time ago. There's nothing funny about vulgar except to those who have very low standards for entertainment and are brainwashed enough to let themselves be "dumbed" down with shallow comedy. Carol Burnett, Dick Van Dyke, Tim Conway, Harvey Korman and tons of others were "real comedians". Change the name and move it to a late night slot. How embarrassing for our country to have this kind of thing on daytime TV.

This used to be a good family show. Every question now is phrased so the contestants will say something that is construed as nasty. I hate the show now... 

 Take note Steve Harvey, purveyor of trash