Voters in the Ukrainian city of Odessa have been confronted with some potentially election-altering footage of 21-year-old mayoral candidate Valeria Prokopenko, who says the clip was filmed as part of a beauty contest and was not meant to be made public.

The two-minute video shows Prokopenko taking a breezy stroll around a modest apartment while the camera follows closely behind, which is totally the mark of a potential auteur. As these things often go, many suspect an opponent posted it to harm her chances in the election, though the nature of the footage could very well inspire the opposite.

Russian producers were once alerted to Prokopenko’s screen presence and asked her to appear in a music video for the Russian act Ruki Vverh, according to the Daily Mail. This is hopefully not the beginning of a trend that ultimately leads to a video of Donald Trump doing exactly the same thing. Please never let that happen, Universe. Please.