UPDATE 10/20/15:

Though original reports stated that the victim "may have been Muslim," the Associated Press appears to confirm that the woman was in fact Muslim. Additionally, Triceten Bickford is now claiming he was simply drunk and anxious during the attack, telling WTHR that he's never engaged in this type of violence before:

"I am so sorry to that woman. I have no idea who she is, but words can't explain how much that ... I've never hurt someone like that before."

See original story from 10/19/15 below.

While presumed racists boycott the new Star Wars film, a 19-year-old Indiana college student took his white supremacy to new heights by strangling a woman and yelling “white power.”

According to the Washington Post, Triceten Bickford faces charges of battery, strangulation and public intoxication after attacking a woman who “may have been Muslim” in front of her 9-year-old daughter while they were sitting outside of a local restaurant.

In an email statement by Bloomington Police Captain Joe Qualters, Bickford reportedly “began squeezing her neck and forcing her head down toward the table.” The statement continued that, “while doing this with his right hand, he was using his left hand to attempt to remove the scarf from her head. This caused the scarf to restrict her breathing due to the pressure on her throat.” He was restrained by the woman’s husband and a witness, who were then threatened and spit at. He is also said to have shouted “derogatory statements about African Americans” and “kill the police” before the incident.

The intoxicated student also managed to bite an officer in the calf while being transported to the booking area. No one is said to have needed medical attention and the situation is being investigated by local police with cooperation from officials at Indiana University in Bloomington, where Bickford attends as a sophomore.