For a campaign mostly centered around an ill-placed exclamation point, Jeb! Bush's 2016 presidential race sure has offered an overwhelming amount of "?" and impossible-to-dictate confusion. Though Jeb! is currently busy attempting some sort of feud with Donald Trump, the eyes of the world are still stinging from the Republican hopeful's remarks on Supergirl star Melissa Benoist:

Easy there, Jeb. I know your severely oversized blazer and khaki combo provides ample room for grossly macho flexings, but ease off the "!" throttle a bit. Trevor Noah, current voice of reason leading the latest incarnation of The Daily Show, said it better than I ever could:

"Damn, Jeb’s creeping on the Kryptonian," Trevor told his Comedy Central audience during Thursday’s broadcast. "Jeb, just to let you know, and to everyone out there, Supergirl premieres at 8:30 on CBS. And based on Jeb’s excitement, I suggest no one shake his hand after 9 p.m. Because his hands will be sweating from the joy! You guys are disgusting."

Why, yes, this is the current state of American politics.