Tracy Morgan's triumphant return to the spotlight took an unexpected turn on Tuesday, with the storied comedian (and everyone's favorite) telling Jimmy Kimmel that he used the settlement from the tragic accident to purchase the Bronx Zoo. However, instead of simply dumping some money into a zoo and then controlling day-to-day matters from afar, Tracy is apparently spending a lot of time on the premises, developing both friendships and feuds alike with the animal hotel's current inhabitants.

Joined by Jimmy and Guillermo for a generous tour of the facility, Tracy makes careful note of the fact that he now owns more giraffes than the late legend, Michael Jackson. We're also enlightened regarding the apparent Fat Burger habits of seals, a supposed gorilla crush, and the general difficulties of keeping a zoo fiscally afloat.

Of course, seeing Tracy interact with various members of the animal kingdom should remind you of America's dear friend and cherished commentator, Brian Fellow: