Even the greatest familial rifts can be (briefly) cured by the possibility of financial gain, as proven by tonight's episode of Empire. With the Lyons still very much embroiled in an all-out war for the ages, they decided to make their best attempt at pausing the feud just long enough to shoot a post-apocalyptic music video aimed at tackling police brutality for a track from Hakeem's leaked album.

As this is quite possibly the greatest show on television, this brief truce inspires some of the finest lines of the season, including but predictably not limited to a quick K.D. Lang reference from the reliably great Taraji P. Henson. Thankfully, Marisa Tomei is still in the fold as the compellingly named Mimi Whiteman, a character known not only for her own incisive dialogue but also this gem:

"Mom, we're moguls now," Hakeem tells his mother in an effort to shift their focus back to the post-apocalyptic political statement at hand. Indeed, Hakeem. And that's exactly why Lucious won't be letting this feud go for a very long time to come.