Cause: Make-A-Wish 
Founding Date: 2013

The world’s youngest superhero set out to fight crime in San Francisco (where the city was disguised as Gotham City), but these criminals were nothing compared to the fight this 5-year-old had already overcome. Miles Scott, a leukemia survivor, had his wildest dream come true, thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation, and Batkid was born. Batkid saved a damsel in distress, captured a bank-robbing Riddler, and took on The Penguin, all with the help of his mentor, Batman. Thousands of San Francisco residents showed up to cheer on Batkid, and the hashtag #SFBatkid was created. The campaign caught the eyes of Batman OG's Christian Bale and Michael Keaton, along with the newest addition to the Batman clan: Ben Affleck. If that wasn’t enough, President Obama did it for the Vine, and gave Miles a shoutout for his heroism. Gotham’s newest prodigy raked in as many as 400 tweets per minute, bringing it to over 114,000 tweets. What were you doing at 5-years-old?