Let's take a walk back in time... a time when VH1 was already in the midst of bringing back old(er) celebrities to try their hands at finding love... by throwing them onto a reality TV show. A few years after porn company Vivid Entertainment acquired and released the sex tape seen 'round the world, VH1 decided to try and do what they did for Flavor Flav and Bret Michaels and find some love for Ray J.

This post isn't a breakdown of the first season of For the Love of Ray J (although some might be wondering what exactly happened to the winner, Joanna "Cocktail" Hernandez); this is a look at one particular episode (Episode 9 of Season 1 for those of you looking for it on the Internets) that featured one member of Ray J's squad (which, for some reason, included both Warren G and Tom Green) informing him that he did, in fact, smash Danger, the contestant who had a troubled past and a tiger on her face.

We don't get much of the back story (aside from the fact that Danger did in fact smash the homie), but surprisingly, it's Tom Green (who does have a love and appreciation for hip-hop that turned into him actually recording some music years ago) and NOT Warren G (of "Regulate" fame) getting a chant of "DANGER! SHE SMASHED THE HOMIE!" going, to which the entire squad obviously had to partake in.

Aside from that memorable moment, you get the solo "DANGER! She smaaaaaaaashed the homie!" line from Ray J, which is hilarious and soundbite-worthy in its own right.

Ultimately, this didn't even cause Danger to be eliminated from the show (she ended up making it to the final three but then leaving for personal reasons), but it did turn into a thing... so much so that during Season 2 of For the Love of Ray J, Ray J found out that ANOTHER one of his homies smashed a contestant:

This time, it was only Ray J chanting about Luscious smashing the homey... twice.

The morale of the story is either one of the two following points:

  1. Don't bring your significant other around the homies, or
  2. Bring your significant other around the homies EARLY, so you can find out if one of them had previously smashed her.

You'll be doing yourself a huge favor.