Each month we’re reminded of our slow fast march to the grave when NASA, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the Japan Meteorological Agency, get together to tell us that the month that’s just passed has been recorded as the hottest in Earth’s history and that global warming is worsening with every last polluted breath we take. So here’s the news: Earth just had its hottest September in history, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. (It only ranked as the second hottest September in NASA’s findings.) Phew. 

No surprise here, September 2014 was the previous record-holder for the warmest September, reports JMA data. With this month’s data addition the NOAA says there’s a 97 percent (!) chance that 2015 will become the hottest year on Earth. Although we’ve experienced the strongest El Niño event in at least 20 years, that’s only a factor in these record-breaking temperatures. Ocean waters are so warm right now because of El Niño that a third global coral bleaching is happening. NOAA says over 38 percent of coral reefs globally will be affected by year’s end and more than 4,630 square miles of reefs will be killed. 

[via Mashable]