The internet is back with another banger in the form of #blimp, following each and every move of a runaway military blimp as it fumbled its way across the nation. The blimp, which just so happened to be worth a hilarious $2.7 billion, reportedly became detached from its tether at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland before quickly becoming a problem and a hashtag:

Some genius also started a @BmoreBlimp Twitter account to give a news-starved world exactly what it wants in the form of retweets like this:

Sadly, as there is no such thing as a beautiful Twitter moment lasting longer than 45 minutes or so, our dear friend #blimp found its inevitable way to the ground, thus ending its brief moment in the spotlight:

Two F-16 fighter jets, scrambled from Atlantic City, were tracking the blimp's escape route before its tragic descent. Described by NBC News as a "surveillance blimp," the brave lone wolf was as long as two football fields and absolutely loaded with helium.