The digital shrine to 90s classics that is Hulu just secured its latest brag: streaming rights for certified classics Rugrats, Doug, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and a slew of othersThe brag comes in the form of a renewed and expanded partnership with Viacom that will also ensure the presence of Broad City, Drunk History, and Inside Amy Schumer, though who cares because not 90s.

The expansive deal, according to CNN Money, also extends Hulu's partnership with The Daily Show, though again who cares because not 90s. "Hulu has been a great partner for Viacom for many years," Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman said in a press release. Mike Hopkins, Hulu Chief Executive, echoed those sentiments"Today, we are not only extending our deal, but we are adding more premium content than ever from their popular family of networks."

Coupled with the recent news of Nickelodeon's eight-hour programming block ingeniously dubbed The Splat, the 90s haven't been this relevant since at least the 80s. Can Good Burger 2 happen now, nostalgia gods?