When police were  – perhaps unnecessarily – tasked with breaking up an in-progress rap battle in Melbourne's west on Saturday, police officer Scott Giles brought out the heavy weaponry; his own hectic rhymes.

Though no relation to the great Cameron Giles, Senior Constable Scott Giles was able to shut the cypher down with only two bars, smacking up the crowd of teenagers with this blistering lyrical display:

"What I'm gonna have to do, is ask you to move on;
'Cos if you don't move on, police drop the bomb."

In response to what was perhaps the most basic two-bar rap in history, the thrilled audience absolutely exploded. One of the MCs in the cypher can be seen dapping up the cop, and everything seems to have ended peacefully.

While this has been seen as a nice piece of PR for the ever-embattled Victorian police force, the bigger question here is why were police called to break up a battle?