When given the chance to trump Trump, one should always leap into action. Such was the case for radio host Bobby Estell, a.k.a. Bobby Bones, who wisely trademarked Donald Trump's inane phrase / campaign slogan / general tomfoolery "Make America Great Again," then promptly sold it to Trump himself for a comfy $100,000. The best part? All the money is going to charity:

"We simply reimbursed him the money he had paid to try and register the trademark and allowed him to donate it to St. Jude’s Hospital for which Mr. Trump’s son Eric has helped raise millions of dollars toward cancer research," Hope Hicks, a Trump spokesperson, said in a statement obtained by Raw Story. In fact, that was Estell’s plan all along, who agreed to transfer ownership of the group of otherwise inconsequential words in exchange for the $100,000 donation.

This, of course, is particularly good news for your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving.