Witches live among us. And you know witches be crazy. Luckily for us, Vin Diesel is here to lay down the law, medieval style. Vin plays the title character in The Last Witch Hunter, which hits theaters this weekend, just in time to get you pumped for Halloween. In the movie, Vin’s character, a badass immortal witch hunter named Kaulder, must battle the resurrected Witch Queen to save our world from total decimation. This being Vin, we know he’s got it, but you can count on there being some insane battles along the way. 

For more on the film, its mythology, and its cast check out www.thelastwitchhunter.movie. You can watch the trailer right now, by clicking above. Most importantly, you can pick up tickets by clicking right here. We recommend copping yours before the witching hour is upon us.