A New Jersey businessman is being sued by the wife of a former employee for allegedly firing her husband over his excess flatulence.

Louann Clem claims Case Pork Roll Co. owner Tom Grieb unlawfully let go of her and husband Rich after complaints of his uncontrollable bodily functions. Rich, who suffered from obesity at 420 pounds, underwent gastric bypass surgery that left him with “extreme gas and uncontrollable diarrhea.” The lawsuit alleges that Case President Thomas Dolan complained to Louann about her husband’s side effects with comments like “We have to do something about Rich. This can’t go on.” She also says he told Rich to work from home because Rich was stinking up the office.

According to MyCentralJersey.com, additional comments Dolan supposedly made include: “Why is Rich having these side effects?” “Is Rich following his doctor’s recommendations?” “We can’t run an office and have visitors with the odor in the office.” “Tell Rich that we are getting complaints from visitors who have problems with the odors.”

However, Grieb denies the accusations and insists that their employment was their own doing. “Business wasn’t good. They didn’t want to take a pay cut and walked out,” he said. “Neither one were fired. They are just saying that.”

Grieb also said the Clems filed a discrimination complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Louann’s case was rejected and she sued him instead. “They were never discriminated against,” he added. “Even I took a pay cut. He refused and he just walked out. That was the end of it.”