Although he eventually achieved his goal of dragging a slice of pizza bigger than his body down the subway stairs, Pizza Rat didn't make it look easy. He showed us the struggle, the hustle, and the drive behind his historic quest, connecting to viewers on an emotional level and spawning Halloween costumes, tattoos, and an outpouring of support. But there are always those who, unlike Pizza Rat, make life look effortless.

Pizza Raccoon is one of those infuriating animals who knows no hardship. Pizza Raccoon can have it all: His jaunt in the trees and a cheesy slice of Sicilian pizza. Anya Schiffrin, who spotted Pizza Raccoon in Central Park, admired his agility: "From the trash can, to the base of the tree, to the top of the tree, he never dropped the pizza once," she told NBC New York

Granted, Pizza Raccoon has the advantage over Pizza Rat when it comes to size, and it probably also helps that Sicilian pizza traditionally comes in squares, rather than in difficult-to-maneuver triangle slices. We should admire Pizza Raccoon for the grace with which he indulges in his meal, but our hearts will always belong to Pizza Rat for embodying The Struggle.