What was life like before Netflix? Though most of us entirely forgotten the struggles of, say, using a hilariously bulky DVD player or even (gasp) watching actual cable television, comic book fans have been left in the proverbial dust with regards to a promising Netflix-like app aimed at easing the comics consumption process.

ComicBlitz, the new "digital comics app" that works pretty much exactly like Netflix, has officially launched its $9.99-per-month services for the iPad-favoring sector of comic readers. ComicBlitz currently boasts over 2,000 comics including Grimm Fairy Tales, Fathom, Bloodshot, and Red SonjaComicBlitz is currently working with DynamiteZenescope, Valiant, Action Lab, Red 5, and many more. Though only available for iOS users at this time, the app plans to expand to other platforms with an ever-growing catalog in the future.

"Our story is probably a lot like yours," reads a statement of awesome intent on the app's official website. "We grew up with comics. Mom or Dad would take us to the corner drug store on the weekends and we'd spin the racks looking for the latest and greatest comic books, graphic novels, digests, and more. Whether it was superheroes, horror, or adventure stories, we fell in love. Today, our goal is to bring you that same feeling day in and day out with our all you can read digital comic book service."