Okay, so maybe the online Christian group eBible Fellowship was wrong about the world ending on Oct. 7, 2015, but after one failed attempt we have a new date for the apocalypse, New York Daily News reportsAccording to another online group called Brussell Sprout (seriously), there's a "gigantic celestial wrecking ball headed for Earth" that will hit—and subsequently destroy the planet—in December. The wrecking ball is an undiscovered tenth planet (although since Pluto was knocked down a notch, wouldn't that be ninth?) sometimes called "Nibiru," "The Destroyer," "The Terrible Comet," or simply "Planet X." 

And why, if this home-wrecking planet is hurtling toward Earth, have scientists failed to spot it? Because it's all a government conspiracy: 

It's difficult to discern the exact truth about this subject because it's been deliberately obscured by disinformation [sic]. We're dealing with one of the biggest cover-ups in the history of mankind, and that's saying a lot, because the competition is so fierce.

It's basically the movie 2012​, except that 2012 was created to hide the truth: "The movie was deliberately released with the wrong year in the title in order to discredit the Planet X cover-up as a wild 'conspiracy theory,'" Brussel Sprout writes. The blog hypothesizes the collision will take place as early as December 2015 or a few months later in March 2016, but one thing is clear: Planet X is coming, and there's nothing we can do about it. 

Depending on the date, this could be NASA's first chance to test its plan to save the world by smashing a giant battering ram into any oncoming, world-threatening object. But maybe we'll all be living on Mars by December and can wave cheerfully at Planet X as it whizzes by to collide with Earth.