Champlin residents are understandably on edge after a 38-year-old woman was arrested for sending anonymous threats to a family including requests to "taste and lick" their children. Local authorities in the Minnesota suburb tell reporters the woman was annoyed at the children for supposedly making noise and leaving their belongings in her yard, an annoyance which ultimately inspired her first message in September via snail mail. "The children look delicious," the short message reads. "May I have a taste?"

CBS Minnesota WCCO

The family, including two elementary school students, promptly notified the Champlin Police Department and shared the contents of the threatening letter. Shortly after reporting the incident to authorities, the family started receiving magazine subscriptions. "Instead of a name on the address label, it said things like ‘tasty children,’" Champlin Deputy Police Chief Ty Schmidt tells reporters. 

Speaking with local residents, CBS Minnesota revealed that many parents were terrified after news of the messages was shared widely across social media. The woman, identified as Carrie Pernula, has since been released and faces "possible charges" of gross misdemeanor terroristic threats and stalking.