A masked man reportedly armed with a sword attacked a school in Sweden on Thursday, killing two and wounding others. The suspect, dressed in black and wearing some sort of mask, is also believed to have posed for photos with students before the murders. One teacher and one student were ultimately killed during the attack in the western area of Trollhattan, according to BBC News.

The two additional victims, another student and teacher, are said to be suffering from serious injuries. Eyewitnesses described the tragic event as absolute chaos to reporters, revealing that hundreds of screaming students started fleeing from the building during the attack. The suspect was eventually shot by police, later dying of gunshot-related injuries.

Stefan Lofven, Sweden’s Prime Minister, is reportedly planning to visit the town. In a statement, he called the tragedy a "black day" for Sweden. "I think of the victims and their families, students and staff, and the whole of the affected community. No words can describe what they are going through right now. We must ensure that they receive all the support they need." It's worth noting that school attacks are quite rare in Sweden, with BBC News reporting that there's only one incident on record in the past two decades.