Good morning, futurists. In case you somehow managed to miss it, Wednesday marked the day we all finally realized that many of the utopian promises of Back to the Future Part II's take on 2015 simply aren't going to happen. Unfortunate pessimism aside, director Robert Zemeckis and writer Bob Gale did manage to absolutely nail certain facets of modern fashion, particularly the advent of ingenious auto-lacing Nike MAGs. These things are nice, sure; but what would Marty McFly and Doc Brown think of the real 2015?

Marty and Doc decided to enlighten the world on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, popping up during Jimmy's monologue in the still beautiful DeLorean.Though their initial reactions to the technological advancements of our society initially fell somewhere between disappointed and entirely discouraged, Jimmy's understandable obsession with capturing a selfie with Marty and Doc temporarily quelled their fears of a boring future.

Michael J. Fox also appeared as Michael J. Fox during Jimmy's show, debuting those aforementioned MAGs and discussing the Marty McFly action figure we all wish someone would buy for us: