Today in Oakland, Calif.,the third most dangerous city in the U.S., a fight between an unidentified man armed with a machete and at least two other people on the street was caught on video. The 3 a.m. incident quickly escalated from the machete-wielding man shouting to him hacking at the cars his opponents were in, eventually leading to him getting run over. Videos of the incident surfaced on reddit​ and YouTube with some information provided by an eye witness. 

According to the user who posted the videos, the man with the machete reportedly started punching cars and harassing prostitutes on the street in front of his apartment complex before he walked up to a pimp with his machete causing one of them to draw his gun, which is right before the first video starts. 

The red car in the video allegedly belonged to the pimp while the white car belonged to his friend. At the end of the video we see the man with the machete get arrested, but he had gotten rid of his machete by then. The user reported that police arrested the pimp because they knew him and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon, while the man with the machete was sent to a psych ward. 

You can watch part two and part three of the videos below.