The deliciously kurvaceous Khloé Kardashian just gave fans a peek at her workout session during a recent trip through her app. The fitness fiend, who looked stunning breaking a sweat for our August/September cover, gave us serious booty envy thanks to photos of her ‘St. Barts Booty.’ “[There’s] no such thing as a vacation from fitness,” Khloé said, explaining that she was just on a run when the impromptu shoot happened: “I went for a run in my bathing suit and Nikes, but while I was stretching, Joyce Bonelli (my makeup artist/BFF) and Hrush (my Armenian goddess makeup artist), kept urging me to do a little photo shoot and they just started snapping away lol. Just a 5 minute shoot but I got way, way into it!”

Khloé’s been documenting her healthy body transformation on Instagram posting videos and photos of her working out regularly and now she’s created Khlo/Fit for her app. She even has sister Kourtney as her workout buddy, recently posting a photo of the two working out in St. Bart’s. Check out the rest of Khloé's St. Bart's workout photos below.

[via Daily Mail/Mirror]