An apparent "misunderstanding" left a bewildered Kevin Hart stuck in the middle of a Canadian scuffle outside a strip club over the weekend, with one waitress claiming she was stiffed on a $65 tab. The security staff at Le Pigale in Québec ​ reportedly pushed back after Kevin’s bodyguards got a little pushy while attempting to exit the club, according to esteemed literary journal TMZ:

This physical disagreement was eventually relocated to the streets outside the club, with Kevin growing so frustrated with a so-called "fan" keen on capturing the incident on camera that he actually tossed the individual’s phone and broke it. Shortly after the story started to catch fire on Twitter, Kevin decided to provide some context:

The club owner tells TMZ that this Canadian scuffle was nothing more than a misunderstanding, adding that Kevin is a "good guy" and the supposedly outstanding tab will be settled. That's wonderful news, but the real question here is: Canadians have strip clubs?!?