Most U.S. residents agree that race relations have worsened in 2015, but that’s not stopping the increasing rates at which interracial couples are tying the knot. TIME’s analysis of Census data studies the upward trend of interracial marriage from 2000 to 2013. And before y’all Scandal watchers get on my case, I know Olivia and Fitz aren’t married. 

The data shows the number of marriages between either white men or white women, respectively, and a Hispanic, Black, Asian, American Indian, or Multiracial partner. The two major takeaways from the data are that marriages between white men and non-white women are up 36 percent since 2000 and marriages between white women and non-white men are up 33 percent in the same time period. The Census data did not have information on same-sex marriage before 2013.  Since 2000, the percentage of white men marrying white women has fell nearly seven percent. 

Although the previously mentioned percentages, 36 and 33, were close in range, 2013 data shows a larger gap between genders when it came to interracial marriage. In that year over 130,000 marriages were reported between white men and black women while more than twice as many, almost 320,000 marriages, were reported between white women and black men. 

[via TIME