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Before the semi-topless Albanian news anchor, the Brazilian street sweeper, the world's most popular nurse, and the Taiwanese McGoddess, there was Yanet García, the internet's favorite weatherwoman. After already crippling Reddit and making volleyball headlines, Yanet is now setting her sights on cornering the digital lingerie community with the behind-the-scenes video above. The video, with an apt soundtrack and an admirably concise running time of two minutes, documents a recent photoshoot with Yanet for the cover of Mexican men's magazine Revista H​:

As for Yanet's steadily exploding web presence, she's now 789,000 followers strong on Instagram. Her famous weather reports, presumably, are also still going quite strong:

Revista H has previously featured Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, Daisy Fuentes, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and other living legends on the cover, placing Yanet in excellent company.