The man at the center of the video above is now enduring the anguish of hindsight after making a series of profoundly less-than-great decisions on Monday. The individual, later identified by FOX 59 as a 25-year-old Indianapolis resident, reportedly left his girlfriend’s home near North Layman Avenue in her car before promptly crashing it into a utility pole. When local police and a SWAT team responded to the home, they reportedly found the man resting on the front lawn of his girlfriend’s home with a knife.

Noticing the sudden presence of police, this ill-advised individual then reentered the premises shortly before the girlfriend "ran out of the house." Authorities believe he then set the home ablaze before climbing onto the roof for a quick dance, eventually dropping the knife but refusing to vacate the burning building. The boyfriend was ultimately apprehended after being shot with rubber bullets and tased, at which point he was transported to a nearby hospital.

Though local authorities originally believed the incident was a hostage situation, they have now confirmed that the 25-year-old male was the only person inside the home during both the fire and the obviously improvised dancing.