Hillary Clinton is a woman of many talents: campaign advisor to Kanye West, established Donald Trump impersonator, and now, serious comedian. Well, that last one might not be true but she did make a brief but memorable appearance as a compassionate bartender in a sketch opposite resident Clinton impersonator, Kate McKinnon. During Saturday Night Live’s 41st season premiere, the Democratic candidate poked fun at her initial hesitance to support gay marriage, endorsed herself for president and even fit in another Donald Trump impersonation.

Darrell Hammond, who portrayed President Bill Clinton for the sketch series throughout the ‘90s, popped in and quickly exited after noting, “They’re multiplying!” Spoiler alert: He’s still got it. The bit ends with a rendition of Bill Withers’s “Lean on Me,” after which Clinton disappears in Cinderella fashion. Check out the above clip for a truly meta experience.