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Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by a jealous individual for your chocolate addiction. Well, if scientists are correct, you could soon be laughing all the way to the doctor.

According to the Daily Mail, researchers have reportedly developed a type of chocolate healthy enough to be taken as medicine. It’s already well-known that the main ingredient, cacao, contains antioxidants and minerals that offer health benefits like lowering blood pressure and increasing “good” cholesterol. Now, Gregory Aharonian of Kuka Xoco is looking to cut out the percentage of fat and sugar in half, creating the ultimate healthy treat.

“Using micrograms of coca plant extract, we can de-bitter unsweetened cacao,” he said. “This eliminates the need for sugar, sweeteners and much of the fat in chocolate, unleashing the medical benefits of cacao.” Chocolate without sugar? Who ever heard of such a thing?

It seems Aharonian is on a mission to eradicate sugar from our diets altogether.  Speaking at the World Chocolate Forum in London this week, he described the sweet additive as “the next nicotine” and maintained that if unhealthy ingredients like the aforementioned were removed from chocolate, it could be eaten medicinally. “In America, the $100 billion-a-year chocolate industry could become a $200 billion-a-year health food industry, if only much of the sugar and fat could be removed. We look forward to working with the chocolate industry to make chocolate the most fun medicine.”

Aharonian also revealed that his long-term goal is to cut the percentage of fat and sugar in chocolate down to just 10 percent. Yeah, but how delicious will it be?