After Dylann Storm Roof's racially charged Charleston Church Massacre hurled the nation into a debate surrounding the actual societal value of the Confederate flag, racists the nation over decided to put their obnoxiously loud and laughably oversized big boy trucks to use by strapping any number of Confederate flag merchandise to them and cruising around. As Larry Wilmore already reminded us, not only does the divisive symbol share an unsettling affiliation with Nazis, it's also quite obviously meant as an assertion of white supremacy in the face of attempted societal progress.

Though several southern states ultimately decided to remove the Confederate flag from state grounds, the general response from pro-flag imbeciles was (somehow) victimization. Multiple seemingly unrelated pro-flag groups made their share of headlines during this national debate for various acts of country boy terror, but one specific incident sadly stands out for its baffling level of malice. In July, a group of truck-driving Confederate flag supporters presumed white supremacists armed with Confederate flags reportedly descended upon a young black child's birthday party in Georgia. In addition to reportedly shouting racial slurs, the group also allegedly made threats of violence against birthday party attendees before police arrived on the scene.

These truck-driving assholes were apparently members of the pro-Confederacy group Respect the Flag, according to Fox 5. After the footage predictably went viral, the Douglasville Police Department and the Douglas County District Attorney's Office initiated an investigation into the incident. On Friday, the Grand Jury indicted 15 Respect the Flag members on "charges they violated Georgia's Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act" and "terrorist threats." Two of the members were also reportedly charged with battery for a separate incident that occurred the same day at a nearby gas station.

Elsewhere in the nation, hundreds took to the streets over the weekend to call for a new Mississippi state flag. "It is a new South," South Carolina Republican Jenny Horne told "The economic development opportunities that Mississippi is missing out on — you don't even know it, but it's costing all citizens jobs."