Months removed from watching Paul Walker’s touching send-off in Furious 7 and after finding out the magic it took to finish the film after Walker’s sudden passing, Weta Digital, the company that brought Walker to life on the big screen thanks to visual effects, has revealed to Variety the extensive work needed. It has also been revealed which scenes that Walker appeared in were created digitally. 

Weta, which ended up doing 350 shots almost all of them with Walker, referenced old footage from outtakes of Furious 7 as well as the rest of the franchise to nail Walker’s expressions, not having the luxury of having a digital scan of Walker to use. The team also relied on Walker’s brothers, Cody and Caleb, in addition to Walker’s double John Brotherton, scanning them and “reapplying them to the Walker digital models they had created.”

Weta visual effects supervisor Martin Hill told Variety “We knew we were doing something special for the filmmakers, the fans, the family — and for Paul’s legacy. We wanted to give him the sendoff that he deserved.”

Here’s some of the scenes below, but you can check out the rest here:

The Fast and the Furious series will race to the finish with a trilogy, the first, Fast and the Furious 8, will be released April 14, 2017. 

[via Uproxx]