For your average Complex reader, we’re pretty sure Fresh Dressed is the most important documentary of 2015. A feature-length history of hip-hop style and clothing, it starts all the way back in South Bronx in the 70s, and goes through graffiti jackets, fat laces and legendary New York tailor Dapper Dan turning Loius Vuitton into streetwear for LL Cool J and Mike Tyson, through to the mainstream success of Sean John and FUBU, and all the way up to Kanye West and Pharrell William’s modern day exploits in the fashion world.

The film features interviews with the likes of Nas, Kanye, Sean Combs, A$AP Rocky, and Damon Dash, as well fashion world heavy hitters like Andre Leon Talley, Karl Kani and Richardo Tisci. It’s been put together by Sasha Jenkins—co-founder of legendary rap mag ego trip and Creative Director for Mass Appeal—and we caught up with him when the film made its UK premiere at the London Film Festival.

Fresh Dressed, in cinemas and on VOD October 30, and on DVD November 9. Find out where it is screening near you here.

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