When two of the internet's most treasured figures collide on national television, what happens? In addition to instructing Stephen Colbert on how to properly deliver some Swedish profanities, YouTube legend PewDiePie's appearance on Thursday's Late Show provided yet another example of the rapidly changing relationship between YouTube and the traditional television format. Thankfully, PewDiePie put his U.S. television debut to good use by keeping his sock game quite strong indeed.

"I want to thank the internet for allowing their emperor to be here for the evening," Colbert jokingly told his audience before introducing his guest, and the description is quite aptPewDiePie, a.k.a. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, showing up on a CBS institution presumably older than many of his followers is kind of a huge deal. As noted by others, Kjellberg's Late Show appearance gives hope to other YouTube stars aiming to make the same impact on mainstream American culture. 

As he is a YouTube star, Kjellberg masterfully documented some of the lead-up to his Late Show debut with an eight-minute mini-doc wonderfully listed as "Brofisting Myself," which you can find below:

The future is now!