On Wednesday Apple introduced a slew of new emoji with the iOS 9.1 update, bringing users the necessary middle finger emoji along with a few contenders for a new penis emoji including: joystick, hot pepper (?), burrito, and, last but not least, hot dog. People have mostly been talking about the hotdog replacing the tried and true eggplant emoji, which seems perfect since “weiner” is a penis nickname. But does anyone past grammar school really refer to a penis as a “weiner,” unless making a joke about fallen politician Anthony Weiner? Didn’t think so. 

Mashable decided to poll people about which was the definitive penis emoji, the sexting staple eggplant or the hot dog. After some stiff competition—and 1,449 votes—the eggplant won out 78 percent to 22 percent. 

Fun fact: Nevada’s most popular emoji is the eggplant, now will the state convert? 

[via Mashable