With the Los Angeles Police Department recently turning over the results of an investigation to the district attorney's office for possible criminal charges, and with more alleged victims continuing to come forward, the public's image of Bill Cosby has shifted permanently from one of adoration to widespread disgust.

For their "Family Issue" hitting newsstands soon, EBONY is delivering a powerful cover capturing that fractured legacy alongside an equally powerful essay from Goldie Taylor on whether The Cosby Show can (or should) survive beyond the recent revelations surrounding Cosby's history. Shortly after the cover was unveiled by EBONY editor Jamilah Lemieux, Taylor provided some brief insight on her mindset while writing the essay:

The essay itself is a heartfelt meditation on both Cosby, the person, and Cliff Huxtable, the character. Can there be a distinction between the two? Taylor explores:

Now, some three decades later, as Cosby stands accused of sexually assaulting at least 40 women, Black America is left to grapple with his once-unimpeachable legacy. If Bill Cosby is finished, what does that mean for Cliff, and the rest of the tribe called Huxtable?

Read the full excerpt here.

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