Cats and tarantulas, respectively, have been a few of the ridiculous reasons planes have been grounded in recent months. This incident on an American Airlines flight Tuesday where the plane was grounded after a drunk man pointed his finger guns at flight attendants was not ridiculous at all. 

The 26-year-old unidentified man, who will remain unidentified since charges aren’t being pressed against him, was reportedly threatening attendants on a flight from San Jose, Calif., to Dallas, with finger guns, so not like these:

Additionally, he had been getting up every five minutes to go to the bathroom and was “belligerent” on the flight, according to witnesses who told KNTV. Passengers suspected he was drunk when he got on the plane and said he tried to get drinks before the plane took off.  

An American Airlines spokeswoman confirmed to the Daily News that Flight 2232 was grounded in Phoenix at 1:38 p.m. because of an “unruly” passenger. There police removed the passenger and the rest of the 95 passengers and five crew members headed to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, where they arrived 90 minutes late.

Phoenix police officer James Holmes told the San Jose Mercury News that the man had been taken to a hotel after being removed from the flight and was waiting to take a new flight on Wednesday. 

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