A Lakeland, Florida woman who appears to be what medical professionals refer to as "shitfaced" Periscoped her drive home and (miraculously?) was pulled over and charged with DUI on Saturday. 

Whitney Marie Beall, 23, titled her Periscope stream  which could literally be seen by anyone with a Twitter account  "girl driving drunk." Shortly after it started, people began calling 911, the Tampa Tribune reports.

"I am driving as you guys know, but I think I'm, I think I'm on a flat tire, which is horrible," Beall says in the video before shouting at the red light she's stopped at.

The whole thing is soundtracked by "The Hills" by The Weeknd, about which Beall adds, "This song is super hot, I'll be damned to know." 

According to a release from the Lakeland Police Department, a cop used his own Twitter account to watch the stream and figure out where Beall was from landmarks in the background. 

When she was finally pulled over she had a flat front tire on her Corolla and hit the curb, police said.