A duck named Star became one of Britain’s hottest commodities after frequenting local taverns and imbibing alcohol, but those days nearly came to an end following a boozy brawl with his’s owner’s dog. According to the Cheddar Valley Gazette, the beer loving bird exchanged blows with Meggie when the canine grew tired of his drunken antics.

Onwer Bernie, a former scuba diving instructor, recounted the violent encounter: "Star pushed his luck too far and Meggie snappedsplitting Star's bottom beak right down the middle. He gave her a stare, then promptly stood on her back. It was not pretty and not nice. We were so scared we would lose Star.”

After rushing Star to the vet, doctors assured Bernie that he would make a full recovery. The two regularly perform on the streets to raise money for charity, and a split beak put their singing act in jeopardy. Thankfully, the duck lives to sing another song and hit the bar afterward.