Next year’s Ghostbusters remake is already pretty much the most controversial film of all time, for having the nerve to cast someone other than white males in the lead roles. And there’s also apparently a male-lead spin-off with Channing Tatum coming at some point, as Sony try to make a ‘cinematic universe’ (sigh) out of these things.

So what’s next? Sony is supposedly now trying to make a new animated Ghostbusters movie. If you’re of the right age, you probably thought The Real Ghostbusters was the dopest thing, so this could work. If you’re a 90s kid tho, you probably rememer Extreme Ghostbusters, complete with goatees and a horrible metal reworking of Ray Parker Jr’s theme song, and that was pretty shit.

There’s no word on whether this animated film will try in to the Paul Fieg / Kristen Wiig version yet. Expect 16 more Ghostbusters films to be announced between now and Christmas.

[via AV Club]