The perfect Instagram picture might be cool in theory, but is it really worth risking your life? Unfortunately for Andrey Retrovsky, it was. The 17-year-old died after falling nine stories while posing for a photo that made it seem like he was falling off the roof of a building in Vologda, Russia. He had been secured by a rope but when it failed, there was nothing else to catch him and he landed in the bushes below.

According to Popular Mechanics, he didn’t die immediately. Russian media outlets say his fall was cushioned by the bushes but he still succumbed to his injuries a few hours later.


Всем ку, могла быть моей последней фоткой😊жаль что смазалась😢

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This incident is the latest of many, which has prompted the Russian government to start a “Safe Selfie” campaign urging citizens to proceed with caution. The tagline reads, "Even a million likes on social media are not worth your life."