Appeared in: Seasons 5 and 6
Standout Skit: “The Inconvenience Store”
Where Is He Now?: Why don't you ask Mariah Carey?

Nick Cannon's addition to All That was during an interesting transition; Lori Beth Denberg was gone, and Kenan & Kel were riding out their final season, with Amanda Bynes not too far off. It was the first time that many saw Nick Cannon shine… or saw him at all. Was he more fire than a Kenan or a Kel? Nah, not at all. Nick played his position, though (one look at “The Inconvenience Store” sketch highlights a big part of his shape-shifting comedy), and almost used All That as a stepping stone to his current success. One of those “sure, just chill here quietly; we're giving you the world in a few years” markers that led to, yes, his own show on Nickelodeon, which led to record deals, movies, marrying Mariah Carey, and managing Amber Rose. Sort of in that order.—khal