Appeared in: Seasons 1 and 2
Standout Skit: “Cooking With Randy (and Mandy)”
Where Is She Now?: First of all, Angelique is Bub-Bubs from Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! which is fucking incredible. Another amazing thing is that you could most recently spot Angelique in the video for Michael Jackson's “Love Never Felt So Good.” Fascinating career, this one.

Angelique Bates, OG cast member, only made it through two seasons before bouncing—but I think she made a pretty strong mark on the show regardless. After getting the All That gig by apparently busting out a killer Steve Urkel impression, Bates did work mostly as complements to the main characters of sketches. She played the girl who was in love with Kel Mitchell's Ed in “Good Burger;” she was Earboy's girlfriend, Four Eyes (who yes, did have four eyes); but most famously, at least to me, was her character Mandy, who was the perfect pairing for Kenan Thompson's chocolate-loving chef, Randy. Even if YouTube didn't exist, I'd still have a perfect memory of Mandy and Randy straight dumping chocolate all over themselves. Bates was ebullient and eager, perfect for All That's brand of youth humor. She never blew up the way Kenan or Lori Beth Denberg did, but as an original cast member, she definitely helped make the show what it was.—Andrew Gruttadaro