Looking back on the entire series via its glorious Netflix existence, Friends was actually pretty violent. In fact, images of Joey stuck inside a turkey and/or the sinister sounds of "Smelly Cat" still haunt many TV enthusiasts more than ten years after the show's final episode. Similarly, Hannibal (R.I.P.?) is (was?) occasionally fucking hilarious. Thankfully, as the world is still a beautiful and magical place, some YouTube genius realized that Friends and Hannibal are basically the exact same show and decided to prove it by way of a visual merger.

Though the video above is likely comprised of the only moments of smiling available on the entire Hannibal series, the tone is undeniably the same as the many classic NBC sitcoms which preceded the rise of storied comedian Mads Mikkelsen. As for the future of Mikkelsen's sitcom, creator Bryan Fuller is still rather optimistic about continuing the laugh factory in the form of a full-length film. In fact, Fuller has confirmed in recent interviews that financing options are being actively pursued.

Cannibalism, after all these years, is still hilarious.