While Donald Trump and company were busy compelling Jeb! Bush to admit to smoking weed four decades ago, Hillary Clinton was spewing the comedy over at Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show headquarters. Hillary's presence on Fallon's seemingly comfortable couch marks her first late-night appearance since officially announcing her campaign, giving the Democratic hopeful the perfect platform from which to prove her pop culture and social media prowess:

Donald Trump, still the elephant in every room in America, quickly reared his totally-in-possession-of-real-hair head thanks to Hillary's studied impersonation of the former reality TV star and a faux phone conversation:

"He's making the most out of it [and] I'm having a good time watching," Hillary says of Trump's campaign tour of many hats. "I think that he's going to go as long as he wants to go, and more power to him." Of course, Hillary's tweeted responses to Trump's continued display of preposterousness during CNN's Republican debate were (thankfully) a bit more pointed:

The circus continues.