Though his forthcoming turn as a modern Ebenezer Scrooge might complicate things, the impressively plausible "Ice Cubiverse" fan theory that's currently eating up the internet certainly adds a fascinating new dimension to the career of one Ice Cube. From Boyz n the Hood to Are We There Yet, a calming familiarity has consistently imbued his characters with a sense of cinematic peace. This peace, according to Ice Cubiverse purists, is due mostly to the fact that Ice Cube has been playing the exact same character all along.

The theory bravely begins by completely reimagining the ending of Boyz n the Hood, positing that Cube simply faked his death in an effort to escape his neighborhood. As you might have guessed, Cube's staged death leads to his period of "laying low" with Smokey in Friday before being inspired to join the armed forces in Three Kings. Following his near-death experience with George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg, Cube hops into a career as a military consultant on major Hollywood movies before growing paranoid and becoming a top-secret individual in the not-so-great xXx: State of the Union.

These storied experiences, according to the Daily Dot's thorough breakdown, then inspire a series of brief career changes. After giving up the motorcycle gang lifestyle of Torque, Cube starts working for National Geographic just in time to hang out with a grotesquely large snake in Anaconda. After catching his dads' funeral in Dangerous Ground, Cube heads back to school for his degree (Higher Learning), moves to Chicago and works to pay off his student loans (Barbershop), and even opens a sports memorabilia shop (Are We There Yet?).

Through a series of unfortunate events, Cube ends up doing some task force work (21 Jump Street, etc.) before settling as a bounty hunter (All About the Benjamins), and ultimately beginning his slow descent into madness with Ghosts of Mars and these terrific Coors Light commercials:

To summarize our findings here today, Ice Cubiverse > Marvel Cinematic Universe.