You already know your 9 to 5 office job is killing you by turning you into a sleep deprived zombie. Even worse, sitting still at your desk for hours on end has been linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and death. However, a new study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, says fidgeting may counter the previously mentioned diseases and can lead to a longer life. 

The study, conducted over 12 years on more than 12,000 UK women, concluded that women who said they were occasional to constant fidgeters showed no effects to their health despite sitting for seven hours or longer than that per day. In fact, in some cases the fidgeting actually helped decrease the risk of death. Women who said they rarely or never fidgeted reportedly had a 30 percent higher risk of death, even if they exercised.  

“Fidgeting appeared to remove the association between longer sitting times and subsequent mortality,” the study said.

Taking walking breaks to the water cooler and bathroom are both advisable in getting in some exercise (and skimping out on work) but you can now feel safe in knowing all of your chair swiveling is helping you live just a little bit longer. 

[via Quartz]