Though Stephen Colbert's transition from super-meta parody character to human Late Show host has been occasionally jarring for those accustomed to the beautifully exaggerated comedy of The Colbert Report (RIP), he's certainly still delivering political giggles via his new home at CBS.

When Michelle Obama stopped by Late Show on Monday, the interview centered on exactly what you might expect: post-White House plans and Michelle's admirable new education campaign known as Let Girls Learn. The campaign is aimed at improving education for young women all across the globe, beginning with the reinforcement of the timeless value of continuing education. However, the Colbert sparks didn't really start to fly until the two started thoroughly discussing (excerpted above) what lies ahead for the Obamas after the 2016 election.

"Without naming names, if we have a female president next, would you leave a letter for her husband?" Colbert asked the First Lady, referencing the usual tradition of wives leaving letters for the follow-up White House family. "What would you say? What's the thing he needs to know more than anything else about the job?" Michelle Obama kept her response brief, revealing she would simply recommend that this theoretical husband simply be himself. "I would say, follow your passion. Just be you." Sensing an opportunity to squeeze in a Bill Clinton reference, Colbert replied: "I think he does."

Somewhere in our vast universe, our guy Bill is puffing on (but not inhaling) a cigar and giggling gregariously.