Though the days of Stephen Colbert's satirical takedowns of a great swath of insufferable politicians from the comfort of a caricature are now firmly (sadly) behind us, the actual Stephen Colbert seems determined to reinvent that practice on his still-quite-fresh Late Show. Though certainly one of the most painfully obvious Republican targets of such easily justifiable mockery, Donald Trump's decidedly orange aura inspired a masterful knock-knock joke and a brief though certainly thorough investigation of Trump's storied boarding school career on Monday's show.

The most perplexing aspect of Colbert's exploration of Trump's self-purported presidential qualifications is the revelation that the presidential hopeful won the ridiculous Neatness and Order Medal during his years at a "military-themed" boarding school, a distinction Colbert playfully likens to "the Purple Heart of making your bed." As expected, Trump genuinely believes his boarding school years have prepared him to lead the U.S. military, which is hopefully his way of saying he thinks the military just hangs out and makes beds all day.

As previously reported, Donald Trump will pay Stephen Colbert a visit on September 22, meaning Colbert still has plenty of chances to deliver more orange-themed knock-knock jokes to the American people.