A Delta Airlines flight from Baltimore to Atlanta was grounded on Wednesday when a tarantula escaped from its carrier, the Baltimore Sun reports. The flight was supposed to take off at 7 p.m. and land around 9 p.m., but when baggage handlers noticed that a baboon tarantula's carrying container was empty, they alerted the captain, who ordered the plane to be grounded and searched. 

Delta employees tracked down the spider and captured it, which must've been terrifying, as a baboon tarantula can reach a leg span of almost eight inches and "will rear up with its fangs ready at the slightest disturbance or perceived threat," according to Animal World. They then contacted the handler to verify it was the only spider in the carrier, which it was, thank goodness. 

The plane's captain told passengers about the escaped spider, and they were escorted off the plane and onto another flight. Samuel L. Jackson might've subdued the motherfucking spider on the motherfucking plane with a little more flair, but it sounds like the airline handled things well.