Though South Park has never shied away from lampooning even America's most sacred of figures, the esteemed literary comedy has largely left one Donald Trump rather untouched. With great ceremony, all of that changes on Wednesday. The brilliantly titled "Where My Country Gone?" will feature Garrison's plight to "build a wall to keep out all of the undocumented immigrants." As any true South Park head knows, the best way for a South Park parody of Donald Trump to accomplish that would obviously be to simply "f*ck them all to death."

Upon watching this landmark television event, viewers will likely be left with a looming sense of pervasive dread. This dread, of course, will be traced solely to the revelation that even South Park's most South Parkiest attempt at parodying Donald Trump could likely never actually eclipse the real Donald Trump:

Also, another gem:

Which is not meant to take away from the following: